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Packed with hidden gems, the Old Continent is a real treat for avid hikers! is the home to some of the most amazing hikes on the planet. From historical sights to natural scenery, there is something for every hiker out there. 

If you are on the lookout for new exciting treks, make sure not to miss the six trails listed below!

Caucasus Mountains, Georgia: Breath-taking Trails Few Have Explored

Georgia and the Caucasus mountains are full of hidden treasures, and what's even more exciting is that few others have been wondering these stunning . The country is opening up to the world lately after a period of instability.

While traversing the trails, you will enjoy passing through medieval towns and villages, spotting wildlife like deer, marmot, and chamois, viewing turquoise, white, and green lakes, while surrounded by scenic peaks. 

Mestia to Ushguli is one of the best trails this country has to offer. This accessible trek connects a remote mountain village of Ushguli with Mestia, the center of the Svaneti region while offering amazing natural and historical sights.

Caucasus Mountains, Telavi, Georgia

Westweg Trail, Germany: A Magical Hiking Experience

Avid hikers from all over the world are rushing to explore the ancient Black Forest. Westweg trail, the oldest and most famous long-distance hiking trail in Germany, provides a magical experience. 

Green meadows, ancient forests, quiet mountain lakes, glacial valleys, panoramic rock crests, and mountains make this trail so unique. 

Leading through quiet forests and over lonely plateaus, Westweg is ideal for more experienced hikers.

Before hitting the outdoors and exploring the trails, it is always advisable to learn to signal SOS and other necessary survival skills, as you may find yourself in an emergency. You'll feel more confident, and if you are in a sticky situation, you will know exactly what to do to stay safe.

Dolomites High Route Alta Via 1: Beautiful Nature Tour of Northeastern Italy

With their unique geology and stunning rock formations, The Dolomites are trekkers' paradise. While exploring the Alta Via 1 trail, you will see incredibly beautiful surroundings, from spiky peaks, lush forests, vast pastel meadows, to pristine alpine lakes, limestone cliffs, and even old battle sites from World War I!

You can explore steep rocky hillsides and tunnels, like famous Galleria Lagazuoi, or visit the Ladin shepherds in their villages. 

With so much diversity, it is no wonder this entire picturesque area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And as a bonus, when you get tired or need refreshment, there are rifugios with home-cooked meals and a clean bed

Dolomites, Obereggen, Italy

Tara Mountain, Serbia: One of the Best Kept Secrets in the Balkans

If going off the beaten path excites you, then Carpathian trails are the perfect fit. Located in Western Serbia, Tara Mountain offers incredible landscapes, especially the popular Zaovine triptych route. 

Diverse topographical makeup of Dinarides with striking and deep gorges between mountain peaks makes this region particularly exquisite. Drina Gorge is one of the most beautiful ones, offering views of western Serbia and nearby Bosnia. 

One of the five official lookouts, Banjska Stena, provides spectacular views of the Drina canyon, Lake Perućac, and mountain ranges. The mountain's slopes are covered with dense forests and numerous meadows with cliffs and limestone caves. 

Tara Mountain, Serbia

Alpe Adria Trail Spanning Through Austria, Slovenia, and Italy: Hiking in the Garden of Eden

The entire Alpe Adria trail usually takes over a month to , since it is a 466 miles long, 43-stage trail. Ever walked through the Garden of Eden? Well, here's your chance. 

A route from Carinthia's mountain lakes to the Dolomites Mountains has been described just like that. The trail runs through non-alpine terrain most of the time, and the landscape is sure to capture your heart. 

You will experience the Southern Alps' beauty while enjoying views of sheer cliffs and vertical walls of Friuli-Venezia Giulia'portion of the Dolomites, charming villages, and breathtaking waterfalls. 

Lousios Gorge Monasteries Hike in Greece: Peloponnese Peninsula Hike Into Untouched Nature

If you are looking for seldom traveled routes, start your adventure in Karytaina, and continue north to Dimitsana. Babbling streams, an abundance of wildflowers, and meadows with olive groves and cypress trees will sweep you off your feet.

The unpaved trail will get you to stunning mountaintop monasteries while walking parallel to the rushing Lousios River. The impressive and well preserved Prodromou monastery built on the cliffs of the gorge is not far from the church of Saint Athanasios. 

When you get to the church, a panoramic view of the spectacular gorge and the Byzantine monasteries of Philosophou (the oldest monastery in Arcadia) emerges. 

Whichever trail you choose to take, there is a fantastic adventure waiting for you! Pack your backpack, and off you go to explore the best hiking treks in Europe!