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DELICIOUS CAMPING FOOD: Tasty and convenient, ReadyWise Adventure Meals camping and backpacking food provides effortless snacks for any outdoor activity. Our Mango Sticky Rice features a delicious mix of mangos and sweet rice in coconut milk for the perfect combination of convenience and amazing taste.
VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE: Get the calorie and nutrient impact you need while being active outdoors. Our mango-rice treat is vegan, gluten-free, and made with 100% real fruit and sweet rice and contains 2 servings per pouch. Each pouch contains 9 g of protein to fuel your body for the next adventure.
QUICK & CONVENIENT: Easy to prepare, our freeze-dried meals and snacks are ready to eat out of the pouch or ready in no time. For our cook-in- meals, simply add water to the pouch, and your food will be ready in minutes. For our other meals, eat the pouch and avoid messy cleanups that might attract unwanted animals.
LIGHTWEIGHT & PACKABLE: Pack for your next outdoor adventure without extra weight or bulk. Our dehydrated foods are lighter in weight than traditional backcountry meals and provide a high calorie-per-ounce ratio. They are ideal for high-output activities and provide you with the energy to keep going.
LONG-LASTING & SHELF-STABLE: ReadyWise Adventure Meals are shelf-stable and made to last for years without losing their delicious taste or nutrients. Our dehydrated foods are great for any outdoor adventure and also make an incredible emergency food option.

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