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Norway ➙ Faroe Islands ➙ Iceland


Dream by BestHike editor Rick McCharles

Many of my hiking travel plans have been cancelled starting March 2020. Pandemic. 😕

IF possible in August 2022, here’s my PLAN.

Cycle and hike Norway on my Trek Checkpoint touring bike.

Catch the ferry in northern Denmark. Stopover in the Faroe Islands.

Continue to Iceland for yet more cycling and hiking.

Fly out of Reykjavik.

Norway ➙ Faroe Islands ➙ Iceland 1

Price for that ferry starts at 404.00€ plus meals onboard.

It’s 30 hours to the Faroes. Another 15 hours to eastern Iceland.

Travel between the islands is not difficult, I understand. Here’s an overview map of popular hikes.

Norway ➙ Faroe Islands ➙ Iceland 2
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