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Ausangate Circuit, Peru – Aug 2018


Our friends at Travel2Walk posted an excellent independent trip report and video from one of our top 10 hikes in the world.

It’s gotten a LOT more popular since we were there in 2005.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


  • circle the sacred Ausangate massif (6372m, 20,905ft), the highest peak in southern Peru
  • 4 high passes between 4757m – 5165m!
  • 70km (43.5mi) plus sidetrips
  • almost everyone does Ausangate with a guide, but it’s quite doable independently if you are acclimated
  • many options to extend this trek
  • best months are the May-September dry season
  • Tinqui is 5-8 hours now only about 3.5hrs by bus on a new road, about 100km S.E. of Cusco
  • sidetrip to the “rainbow mountains” of Vinicunca


To learn more, click over to our Ausangate information page.

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