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Atal Tunnel opens more Himalayan Hiking


This historic tunnel, which was inaugurated on October 3, starts from Solang Valley near Manali and ends near the grand Sissu waterfall in Lahaul.

Till now, not many travellers knew about the Sissu waterfall. But now, Atal Tunnel puts it on the … map.

Similarly, it brings the spotlight on Lahaul and underlines how little information is available about this region.

“You have not seen a setting as beautiful as Lahaul. It is very different from the stark beauty of Spiti. …

A Big Impact: Opening up of new areas of trekking

The opening of Atal Tunnel will finally allow trekkers to venture into the uncharted terrain of Lahaul. Earlier, bad roads and long travel time prevented trekkers from exploring this scenic region. …

How the Opening of Atal Tunnel Affects Trekking in India

Atal Tunnel opens more Himalayan Hiking 1
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