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#10 best hiking region in the world is the …



Indian Himalaya ➙ BUT if you want to argue The Dolomites, we won't disagree.  ????

India is vibrant, chaotically mad. But you can easily escape to the tranquil high mountains and have them to yourself.

This is Nepal, but without “teahouses” packed together on every popular trail.

Indulge your spirit of adventure and trek the spectacular Indian Himalaya. First-timers and seasoned trekkers alike can experience the region's rich blend of cultures, religions and dramatic landscapes … LP

More information on our new Indian Himalaya information page.

The best guidebook is Lonely Planet Trekking in the Indian Himalaya. But more inspirational is Trekking and Climbing in the Indian Himalaya (Trekking & Climbing Guides) by Harish Kapadia. (It can be difficult to find a copy.)

Trekking and Climbing in the Indian Himalaya

Leave a comment if you have your own favourite trek in the Indian Himalayas. We're looking for advice.

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